The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Friday, 4 July 2014

The one month mile stone

So today will be a post, more to prove the point of 'a picture can paint a thousand words'.

Over the last month my life has changed completely, I'm working, I'm cycling, I'm running and I'm motivated.

I have turned nineteen, Rob has turned twenty one, and we are looking for our home ready for me to start university in September!

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I want to let everyone know, I really do feel better, especially now I'm working, starting to drive, now that I know I can have the most amazing future ahead of me, because I deserve it. Just like everyone right now, who feels alone, who is struggling, who can't see their future, I promise you it is there, and you will love it and cherish it even more after your fight. Your life, your future, they are why you don't give up. Why you push on, cry your tears and stick your middle finger in the air, you should be the reason you live, because you have to love yourself to be happy.

Lots of love,
Luce xxx

Firstly I dyed my hair
Then I did the electric run 5k

Then I completed the Manchester Bupa 10k

My amazing club and running family after Manchester

More of my amazing running family
I then completed the Blackpool 10 MILES!!

My 10 mile stats!

Then Rob took me to london for my birthday!
On the coach to victoria station!

We visited the Sherlock museum at 221b Baker street!

I went to the Harry Potter studio tour on my birthday!!
We then had a party back home!
Kisses for the birthday girl!

My Hannah Banana treated me to a spa day!

And I even wore a bikini! (whitwoo)

I then ran the Rhyl 10k and sadly missed my PB by 2 minutes!
But we were still smiling!

Because everyday seems easier!