The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Monday, 17 March 2014

The evolution of society and morals

What a title eh?!

I hope everyone who reads this cares to follow my facebook page (it will keep you updated). But I hope people saw my post on the Bernardo's advert, it left me an emotional wreck, not just because of the content, but the fact that people could find the advert disgusting.

If you have not seen it, it is about a young, and very brave girl called Ellie, and she is talking to her counsellor after her teachers became worried about her missing a lot of school, in the advert she see's herself as worthless, she think's that nobody can help her because she doesn't deserve it, just like how I was, and at the end of the advert, when you think your heart strings have been tugged enough, she enlightens us, this fourteen year old girl, that her so called 'boyfriend' forced her into an abusive sexual relationship, forcing her not just to have sex with him, but multiple grown men... And people want it banned.

My reaction was this: What the actual fuck.

These people asking for it to be banned, a real girls experiences, trying to recover, say it shouldn't be allowed on TV. Funny thing is, I bet, these people asking it to be banned don't care that this is happening world wide, that it could happen to them, that it could happen to their children, grandchildren, their friends or family. They don't realise that in today's society it is more acceptable for a family TV star to sit in front of a camera with her clothes off flaunting everything that should only be seen by the one who loves them, than it is acceptable talking and raising awareness of abuse and mental health problems.

The morals of the world have changed. We care more about sex than our health. Kids as young as twelve and thirteen are sat on facebook posting sexualised pictures because it is deemed as OK. Yet a person who comes out openly about a mental health diagnosis is shunned or hated.

The modern human has evolved about 200,000 years from our primative state, and we still cannot accept mental health problems. Are we progressing in the wrong direction? Has the world advanced so much that we are struggling to go further? Has the human race become so numb to problems that are affecting one in four of us? Or do we choose to be blind?

Ellie's advert

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Luce xxx