The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mondays are good days... sometimes.

Mondays are the days that I weigh in for Slimming world. It is the start of my week and can affect how the other 6 days turn out! The past two weeks have been a big weight loss, I have zoomed past my one stone mark and I am now 1st 2 1/2 lb lighter! I am two and a half pounds away from my next stone bracket and four and a half away from my one and a half stone award!

 (Queue the applause)

This week I have lost three pounds, a great achievement considering I was completely miserable up until Sunday and crammed the worst food down my throat that I could find... Including (don't judge me) donner meat pizza... Mum and I could feel the fat build up around our major organs with every bite!

But on Sunday my best friend, who is like my sister, got a lovely surprise as her boyfriend planned for me, her and one of our other lovely friends to go to a spa weekend! Hours of relaxing in a jacuzzi, sweating in the sauna and burning off the calories in the steam room! We were pampered with a back massage, facial and foot scrub and treated with chicken Caesar salad with cous cous and chocolate cake! So the weightloss has come as great news! I'm excited to reach my second and feel as though I have found some motivation!

As you all may know, I did slimming world back when I was 15, running by myself and constantly out pushing myself to run harder and faster, but that was when I had something to run away from, now I run for the love of it, I love knowing that each step forward I take is getting me closer to how I was, closer to being normal again!

I feel very proud of my achievement and is a long time coming, but I have worked so hard for it and once I can take my old clothes out of the suitcase in my wardrobe, I'll know how well I have done!

There will be a post on Wednesday after CBT, and hopefully it will be up earlier than normal as my sessions have been moved backwards by half an hour!

Have a great week!
Lots of love,
Luce xxx