The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lucy is on a little rant...

This week has been very full, so I apologise for not posting like I normally would.

First thing I have to tell everyone is that I have been offered three interviews for three great universities to study mental health nursing! And I am over the moon!

Secondly I have had a written interview with a fantastic photographer called Jay, who so kindly published me on his blog! This interview was so fantastic and I am so glad he chose me to write the first piece! Feel free to take a look and share the interview and his brilliant blog! He too is working hard to break the stigma around mental health.

Thirdly I have had a massive clear up of my twitter, I have been quite disgusted by some of the content of my followers. As I follow a lot of people, and a lot of people follow me, I looked on the news feed and people who have dedicated their twitter to mental health have been posting pictures of themselves self harming, which (coming from a self harmer) I find is truly vile. Fair enough, to self harm is a coping mechanism... but to post it online is attention seeking and can trigger all your followers, it puts temptation in their way and just creates more of a stigma.

I find self harm is a very lonely and personal thing, I never wanted anyone to see my cuts and scars, I wore thick long sleeved hoodies all through the summer and winter until they healed further. In no way would I post something like that online, nor would I want to promote that to others. I know that if I see a picture of self harm I get serious urges and I would not want my followers who suffer as well to see that, because that doesn't help anyone. Especially with captions saying 'God I feel better' and 'that has made everything okay'. So I have spent a few hours and removed all of them. Because it doesn't help me, or anyone else. In fact, it is rather selfish.

Not a single one of my pictures, of my self or other pictures that I post would show my scars, my scars are my own personal demons, I keep them to myself, because others do not need to see them. It isn't for them to judge or stare, they stay there on my wrist, and they remind me that I have faught for so long, and I can keep on fighting. They remind me of my weakest point and keep my from going back there. And in my mind, my scars are a big part of me, and it isn't anyone elses place to see them.

But finally, moving away from that small rant, I am extremely close to my first one stone marker! It is so close I can smell the certificate and sticker! My running has massively improved, so much so that on park run people were telling me I was running fantastically well and had settled immediately into the perfect pace for myself! I still want my three stone by May, and I want my target by December, so hopefully if I keep it up I can get my goals! Plus I am now doing a half marathon! So please keep sponsoring and check out my twitter and facebook!

Check out Jay's link and remember to like and share!

Lots of love,
Luce xxx