The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In my absence...

So, I know I've not really posted apart from my short Vlog (which got some great feedback). I've caught a nasty chest infection, leaving me quite down and feeling rubbish, but once my chest is cleared I will do another Vlog, and a longer one at that!

I'm trying to recover for tomorrow as it is my first University interview and I don't want to sound like an annoyed old man whilst telling them why I deserve a place there! But another thing is, because of this chest infection, I can't run, and I can't train even though I have a race in less than 3 weeks! So panic has set in and I'm worried about my 10k, I'm also worried that my chest will not have cleared up even more by tomorrow!

In other news... I got into my very cute/retro size 14 pencil skirt for the running clubs party and I looked fabulous! Apparently, according to the lovely girls at the running club, I looked very 1950-ish!  And I even wore The Lucy Experience colours! I had my pink hair, lips and blouse! I will post some pictures below!

I have my third session of CBT just after my university interview so depending on how I think I did on that day will affect how my CBT session goes! I will be posting afterwards and to tell you all about how I think I did!

Last week my CBT session was a mix of still getting to know me and my triggers and also helping with my sleep and self-harm urges.

It was also a session on how I feel about myself, we spoke about how I feel about my weight, if that triggers me, and yes it does, I am so used to still being petite and slender with just slight curves that when I look at my body now all I can think is that I'm disgusting. Not only that but when I first started slimming world at 15 I lost my weight so quickly and I felt great, and now it is just not coming off quick enough. I want to feel great about myself, but it is so hard to when all you see is the negatives, and it affects me on a daily basis!

I will be working with my therapist to help me and also re-listening to all my hypnotherapy tapes to help my weight loss and management!

Wish me luck for my interview tomorrow and I will post after it!

Lots of love,
Luce xxx