The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fighting the good fight!

So this is a helpful post on mental health issues, almost a 'true/false' section, and also how to help and understand depressive symptoms!

Here's the 'true/false' about me!

My name is Lucy Williams- FALSE! My name is Lucy Isabella, I changed my name in 2012 to separate myself from any unwanted relatives!

I only self harm the right side of my body- True! I only used to hurt my right side and self harm on my right wrist as that was the side that SD would hurt the most, as I'm left handed it would go unnoticed at school if he sprained or seriously hurt my right side.

People (including adults) never noticed the abuse I was put through- True, even my mum struggled to see it as she had to work harder at work, teachers never paid attention and family members ignored my pleas for help, most of the time abuse is so well hidden and not spoken about enough, especially with children! Schools should raise awareness and offer a special service where children can talk about their problems to a trusted member of staff!

I was only abused A few times- FALSE! The abuse was constant for six years, starting from being ten (the only age I remember my actual childhood, as I cannot remember anything else from below that age I am not sure where it stemmed from) Till I was sixteen, this was when I ran away. And it was daily, verbal and physical.

The insight into depression!

What is depression?
     Depression is not just a low mood that people may experience every now and then. Depression is a diagnosed mental illness that is often left unrecognised. Without treatment it could progress into a significantly worse state.

Mild depression is the low mood experienced constantly for two weeks or longer, you lose interest in activities you once loved. At this point you should see your local GP (Or a similar doctor if you are in another country other than the UK). The GP may diagnose you with mild depression and offer advice on how to lift your mood without counselling and medication, the options could be: regular exercise, healthy eating, talking to family and even starting a creative hobby.

Moderate depression is where your mood is even lower and has a greater negative impact on your life compared to mild depression, this may affect your work, school and home life. Seeing the GP they may offer you counselling, they could set you up with self help services and also offer you advice on regular exercise and creative hobbies.

Severe depression affects your life completely. People may struggle sleeping, eating, washing or even getting motivation to get out of bed. People with severe depression may use self harm to ease emotional pain and find it most difficult to accept their depression. The GP will offer both medication and counselling (unless under the age of 18, then you may only receive counselling as medication is dangerous and has serious side effects).

Depression can be caused by different things. Some people have a biological imbalance in their brain, causing natural mental health problems (Including schizophrenia.) Others may have been through a serious trauma.

My depression, as my readers know was caused by a long string of child abuse and then the loss of my  'family'. But, as I said in my previous post, No matter what causes your depression, your anxiety or other mental illness, it does not mean you struggle less than others. We are all one team, and we can all overcome what life has shoved upon us. We can fight the stigma, we can stop the bullying and we can raise awareness.

People keep saying that I'm a strong  person, that I can get through anything...
But I need to point this out. No matter how many smiles I paint on my face, In my head I am still that four foot eight, ten year old girl screaming for help, asking why her daddy kept hurting her, asking why no one heard her please for help.

I am now the one here to help anyone. Anyone at all! If  you need someone to notice, then I am here.
Keep that smile on your face, give the middled finger salute to anyone who taunts you, hurts you or makes you feel guilty for having an illness and walk away. No one should die from misery, because there will always be someone there to love you, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Lots of love,
Luce xxx