The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Getting your jog on!

Since I first started losing weight properly I found running the most soothing and mind clearing sport to help with my weight loss, after becoming too depressed to really do much I lost my love for it, but since I got my Mojo back i've been working and training hard, Me and my mum (after I'd gained weight) both started running at around 16 minutes a mile (extremely slow) and we can now manage around 12 minutes 30 seconds per mile! This has progressed in about 2 months and we are extremely proud! Not to mention I'm coming up to my first stone weight loss!

From day one of being diagnosed I was told that exercise would help my mental health, and after 2 years I re-found my love of running and realised how much I had missed it, including how alive it made me felt and how I didn't have to think of anything except my feet hitting the ground.

Now that my heart is fully into my weight loss and running I have been signed up to do multiple races! including the electric run and the Manchester BUPA 10K! for which I can raise money for charity (I would love to raise it for MIND or Millie's trust, a peadiatric first aid charity teaching parents free BLS for their babies!) We have been working very hard on our runs and as well as in the gym, and we will be pushing it even harder after new year!

One thing I would advise all my readers to do is start pounding the streets! throw on them shorts, lace up your trainers and GET YOUR JOG ON! It really helps to clear your mind and it keeps you fit!

Have a great night (Or day for my foreign friends)! And keep sharing with your friends and family!
Lots of love,
Luce xxx

                                   Two of me and mum's great runs! the bottom with the running club!