The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Saturday, 21 December 2013

But thats not abuse??

People may only see abuse as physically hurting or attacking others, but abuse is a very wide spectrum starting with...

Control- Controlling a person, whether a child, adult or an elderly person is still abuse. You can abuse a person financially, or even over what they wear, say or how they do things. For example, a carer may abuse a patient by taking their money and telling them that they have to spend it on 'this, this and this' but not on what the patient wants or needs, another example is (what happened to me) The adult controls what the child says to people, E.G using threats so they can't tell people about abuse, what they wear (taking items off them so they cannot wear it), or taking items off them (such as laptops) when there is no need for punishment just so they cannot do their homework or work, causing them extra trouble or punishment at work or school.

Verbal- Verbal abuse is common and also known as verbal bullying. The abuser may threaten the victim, call them names or even make them feel guilty for doing nothing wrong. Words can have a lot of power over a person who feels so small and has no confidence, Words could cause them to unwillingly hurt themselves or others due to the threats and can emotionally scar the victim for the rest of their lives.

Physical- Physical abuse is commonly recognised around the world, the ongoing act of physically hurting someone just to give yourself power or make yourself feel better. Pushing, hitting, biting, punching, slapping, twisting limbs or pulling hair, kicking and spitting. All of it is physical abuse, and is done repeatedly (Usually behind closed doors) this means there are no witnesses and the use of verbal abuse can be used to stop the victim acting or speaking out loud, causing the problem to go on longer. If a person finds themselves in this situation, ignore the threats, 90% of them are empty and if told to the proper authorities it will be ended as soon as possible. Physical abuse can leave emotional and physical scarring for the rest of a persons life, and could cause severe psychological problems (Such as depression, schizophrenia, MPD and anxiety.)

Sexual- Sexual abuse is any sexual contact that is not consented. Sexual abuse can happen to any age or gender. If sexual contact is not consented and continues to proceed then the abuser could face criminal charges. Sexual abuse can be touching private bodily areas, forced kissing, intercourse, forced fore-play and so on. Sexual abuse is commonly used alongside verbal and physical, using the act of threats and creating fear to stop the victim speaking out.

FACT: Abuse can happen to males and females, any age group and at any time!

Please, if any of my readers know someone who is going through the types of abuse above, or if you are going through it yourself, I urge you to come forwards. Help is one phone call away!

REMEMBER! I have posted a lot of UK links at the bottom of my blog; if this affects you or you believe you or someone else is going through this, check the links out!

No one should have to go through abuse, coming from a victim and a survivor, I send my love and my prayers.

Lots of love,
Luce xxx