The Lucy Eperience

The Lucy Eperience

Friday, 20 December 2013

My guardian angel

As my readers probably noticed, I didn't post yesterday as I had a big day ahead of me!

I finished all my Christmas shopping and brought it from Bolton all the way down to Stretford (a very long and strange bus ride) and started to prepare for the Christmas quiz with my running club! I wore my amazing red dress that is a size smaller than what I'd normally buy and it fit perfectly! My night ended on a lovely high!

But on the bus ride, which I noted down as weird, An elderly man came to sit next to me on a nearly empty bus and the conversation went something like this:

*Me checking my blog on my phone and slightly turn it away as I notice him sat beside me*
Him: Don't worry I can't see a thing on the screen! Forgot my glasses!
Me: sorry, *laugh* It's a natural reaction.
Him: I don't know why I'm saying this, but I need too...
Me: ...
Him: Don't blame your mum for what he did to you..
Me: But I d....
Him: You will have both your freedom at Christmas, remember you're A warrior.

Now this man, this mysterious guardian angel, He didn't know me, I didn't know him and I'm 100% he doesn't know my mum as he only got on for 2 stops, spoke to me then got off.

What most of my readers also do not know is that my full name has meanings, very important meanings to me and my mum...
Lucy, my first name, is Latin for Light! I was the light of my mums world when I was born (Still am!)
Aloise means WARRIOR a name I chose myself last year when I legally changed my name.
My last name is Isabella, It means God's gift. I was mums gift of God as she thought she would never have a child.
So the fact that this man called me a warrior is a very spooky situation.
That choice of word, whether on purpose, or by coincidence, I find this old man my guardian angel...

So thank you, my mysterious angel, for making me reconsider my thoughts, my actions and ideas...
Lots of love,
Luce xxx